Thin Film Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Task Leader:Professor Alex Ignatiev at

This new thin-film solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) design, which operates at intermediate temperatures, exploits mature, cost effective electronics-industry-based thin film fabrication processes to integrate bulk fuel cell technology. Using epitaxy, which can produce atomically-ordered films, a YSZ oxide electrolyte is grown on a nickel-based foil, and an LSCO cathode is grown on that. The nickel foil is then photolithograpically patterned with closely spaced, micron-sized holes, taking care not to perforate the underlying electrolyte. Completed cells can then be integrated into a manifold that would support the thin film structure,circulate fuel and oxidizer, and collect the generated current.
Dr. NaiJuan Wu: Research Associate Professor
Mr.Xin Chen: Research Assistant
Ms. Laverne Smith: Research Assistant

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Schematic showing layered structure of integrated fuel cell SEM image of etched nickel foil. The ragged hole edges improve the efficiency of the cell by increasing surface area.

Last modified: 05 February 2000